Can Your Defenses Withstand Real-World Attack Scenarios?

Ethical Hacking

Our team of Certified Cisco, Microsoft, Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers will find out!

By 2018, 40% of large organisations will have formal plans to address aggressive cyber-security business disruption attacks, up from 0% in 2015

Ethical Hacking

This is what we do. Our team of experienced hackers will dig through your systems and try to exploit them using the same methods and techniques of everyday criminals.

Infrastructure Testing

Network penetration testing is designed to identify critical flaws in your network that could potentially leave sensitive data open to attacks. This includes network discovery, user enumeration and internet profiling.

Web Application Testing

Web applications will be tested to against the top threats identified by OWASP, including SQL injections, security misconfigurations, information leakage, malicious file execution, and broken authentication.


Wireless access points can provide a simple way for hackers to penetrate your internal network. Wireless penetration testing will assess your organization’s defenses against real-world attacks originating over wireless networks.

Social Engineering

These “human-based” attacks consist of the manipulation of individuals in order to obtain access to confidential information or the client network infrastructure.

“Security is not a technical problem, handled by technical people, buried somewhere in the IT department, and organisations need to start solving tomorrow's problems now.”