7 Benefits of being CCNA certified

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CCNA is one of the most taken and valued I.T certification today. Being CCNA certified is one of the best move a beginner in I.T especially in networking can take. It can really boost your career and take it to the next level. Most of the tech companies right now are requiring I.T certifications in a specific field even for beginners. By being CCNA certified, you’ll have the advantage and benefits that other networking I.T individual don’t have.

On this short article, I will share 7 benefits of being CCNA certified. Here we go.

1. Knowledge

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Along with getting your CCNA certification, you’ll increase your knowledge in Cisco networking and widen your understanding of the concept on how it works. This will basically provide you in depth knowledge that you can use in your career. When you became CCNA certified, you’ll understand the concept, basic and fundamentals of networking. This alone can open doors of opportunities in your career in networking. Even a fresh graduate but CCNA certified is more likely to hire than an average I.T guy with no certification. That’s how it works now.

I don’t have any idea on CCNA or Cisco when I started but with determination and perseverance I’ve learn a lot now. I’m still a newbie I know but what I’m pointing out is being CCNA certified can really help your career grows.

2. Salary increase

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One of the benefit of being CCNA certified is salary increase. Either on the same company you’re at or in the next company you’re going into. Once you’re CCNA certified, you can raise and negotiate a higher salary than a usual I.T guy applying on the same position. Being CCNA certified basically proves that you understand the basic and fundamentals of networking which most of the company look for. Company is already aware that certified I.T individual are in a”higher bracket” than those who are not.

3. Promotion

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Aside from salary increase, you can easily get promoted once you became CCNA certified. This is because in some position, certifications are really needed and even required before climbing off the ladder. I know some I.T persons who can’t get promoted because they don’t have certifications and some who’s taking certification because their company require the certification to get ahead on the job. Being CCNA certified can really speed up your career and take one step forward.

4. Employer benefits

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Another good benefits of being CCNA certified or any other Cisco certifications is that you’ll be treasure by your employer. Why? Because they will get “huge” discounts on Cisco products if they have Cisco certified employees. How good is that? You’ll be chase by companies using Cisco devices and offer you the job in front you. And mind you, companies using Cisco products are those large companies who can afford the technology. See? Once you are CCNA certified, you have the chance to work with the advance and biggest company in the world.

5. Stepping stone

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Once you became CCNA certified, this will serve as your stepping stone in the networking world. More advancement of career and knowledge are available and will open for you. You are starting with the basic and by being CCNA certified, you will open more doors of learnings and opportunities in your I.T career. You’ll have the chance to specialize in Cisco career you want to get more specific knowledge and focus on the future job role you want. This will be the great start of your great career.

6. Satisfaction

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Of course, being CCNA certified will give you satisfaction and appreciation of your I.T career. You’ll become more inspired to learn more and to do more. This will push to study more and step up to advance your career.

7. Respect

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Getting a CCNA certificates commands a certain amount of respect from your colleagues and employer. Some of your colleagues would have also tried to get certified, but could not get certified. So, this achievement of yours deserves a back-patting.

There you have it. Those are the 8 benefits of being CCNA certified I can think of right now. I know there’s a lot and there can be additional on the list. You can add them on the comment section below if you have. I hope this short article inspire you to be CCNA certified and push you to boost your Cisco career. Being CCNA certified or any other I.T certification should be a goal to every I.T especially for those who are starting out. God bless to our career!